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   "Admit that while listening to the hit “Blossom of Love”, you heard, 'Bang Bang, My baby shot me down' in the background. The Glorious Dead is an Ali Baba's cave that conceals a thousand and one treasures" (Slow Show - France)


 Melbourne duo, Belle Phoenix (vocals / guitar) and Osker Bickford (guitar), create raw, at times chaotic, noise rock blurring the lines of experimental, post-punk, industrial and pseudo-satanic metal. The project began in Australia, with the two collaborating in Finland recording in a local library following a D.I.Y. path. 


     The dark pop, with sirenesque, vocals like a ghost from the past haunts throughout the up and coming second album TaranDtula. 

     BLOSSOM OF LOVE, first single was described as a  gothic holiday (mixed/mastered by Lindsay Gravina). The Glorious Dead album was released via Beast Records (FR) and Spooky Records (AU). 


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