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 TaranDtula EP Release 2024
TaranDtula, beckon listeners into a nocturnal realm where gothic shadows dance with fiery spirits.  

In the nocturnal embrace of Finnish winter and COVID’s haunting stillness Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea embarked on a musical odyssey, weaving a sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries. The collaboration was separated by oceans, communicated through the digital ether, as Belle, ensconced in the shadows, sent her spectral visions to Bickford in Melbourne, Australia, who responded with noise guitar.

The post-punk, inspired cocophony, found its anchor in the Tampere, Metso Library where the duo, recorded 4-tracks inspired by expressionist films and WWI.  A collaborative communion unfolded with Martin J. Fiedler of Klangbild Studio in Kreuzberg, known for his work with Crime & The City Solution. Fiedler, a maestro of the experimental and the noisy, breathed life into the four tracks that demanded a unique energy.

A sojourn to Berlin, the city draped in shadows, art, culture and history, revealed a fateful encounter with musician, Chris Hughes. Hughes, offering the heartbeat to their nocturnal creations, brought his drumming prowess into the fold.

As the moon waxed and waned, the duo decided to tease their sonic secrets with the release of two singles in 2023: the haunting "All By Myself" and their dystopian love affair, “Moon & Mars” (Special Version), mixed and mastered by Fabian Tormin (Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth).

Now, in the moonlit shadows of early February 2024, Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea unveil the first half of their vampiric opus, an album still in progress that marries raw power, villainous mischief, and gothic shadows into a symphony that reverberates with the echoes of their nocturnal sojourns and the spirit of Berlin's clandestine alleys. 





The Glorious Dead" emerged as Belle Phoenix's own Frankenstein creation, a musical masterpiece stitched together from diverse sonic limbs across the globe. This album, akin to the mad scientist's laboratory, saw its creation unfold in different places, each contributing a unique essence to the monstrous beauty of the final opus.

The haunting melodies and ethereal vocals found their genesis in New York, where Belle collaborated with Mark Plati, renowned for his work with the iconic David Bowie. Plati's influence, akin to a musical lightning bolt, struck the tracks Dead Inside, Maker Of The Man and Livin’ Life Blues with a charged energy, molding it into a creation that resonates with both the past and the futuristic echoes of Bowie's collaborations.

As the creation journeyed, the stitches tightened in Melbourne, Australia, under the skilled hands of Lindsay Gravina at Birdland Studio. Like an alchemical master, Gravina took on the roles of post-production surgeon for tracks like "Blossom Of Love" and "The Devil's Son." Drawing from his experiences with Birdland Studio, where numerous iconic albums were birthed. Gravina added the final touches, infusing the album with a gothic elegance and sonic depth.

"The Glorious Dead" stands as a testament to Belle Phoenix's prowess as a songwriter and a producer on Dancing All The Time and Soulkillers, stitching together elements from different realms.  The collaboration echoes the gothic spirit of experimentation, resulting in an album that is both monstrous and beautiful. A celebration of life through this auditory creation, Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea breathe new life into the classic genres.

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