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Australia / Europe





Years Active:

2012 - Now

Vinyl Release: 

Beast Records (France)

Spooky Records (Melbourne, AU)


Official Band Website:





Belle Phoenix & The Subterranean Sea are an explosive duo of raw power and villainous mischief with their rock n' roll set. The stripped back set offers a more sombre, dark, ethereal experience: violin, piano, bass, accordion

Sounds like: Mick Harvey, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The Cramps, and sometimes like Sonic Youth having a fling with Rowland S. Howard.

The Australian duo, Belle Phoenix (FI) on vox & guitar, is at times reminiscent of NICO  but it is clear they have made a sound all of their own. Osker Bickford (AU) plays guitar to create a unique, sonic tapestry of noise. They are sometimes backed by electronic beats in their duo format. Reminicent of the 60s and, post-punk era, the duo play with a full band loud and furious or go for the murderous attack of silent, cinematic stalking in the 'acoustic set'  performed by Phoenix solo or with like minded, musical friends on strings, bass, percussion, at times dismembering various original and sometimes, cover songs along the way. 


"The Glorious Dead Vinyl LP" 2021

Released by Beast Records (FR) & Spooky Records (AU) and emerged as Belle's Frankenstein album.  A musical escapade, stitched together from diverse sonic limbs across the globe. This album, akin to the mad scientist's laboratory, saw its creation unfold in New York, with Mark Plati (Bowie, Lou Reed, Depeche Mode) and Lindsay Gravina (The Birthday Party, Rowland S. Howard, Magic Dirt). In Sydney at home in Alberts Music Studio, Phoenix self-produced, Dancing All The Time, SoulKillers and New York City recruiting Trent Marden (The Holy Soul), on guitar. 

New EP ’TaranDtula’ is a D.I.Y. recording and release, February 2024

Martin J. Fiedler of Klangbild Studio in Kreuzberg, was recruited to mix the DIY recordinig. Martin is  known for his work with fellow Australians, Crime & The City Solution. A Berlin sojourn brought a fateful encounter with musician Chris Hughes, adding his drumming prowess in 2023. Two singles emerged in 2023: the upbeat and catchy "All By Myself" and the dystopian love affair, “Moon & Mars” (Special Version), mixed and mastered by Fabian Tormin (Lee Renaldo). Now, in the moonlit shadows of early February 2024, Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea unveil the first half of their vampiric opus, 4-tracks marrying heaven and hell.

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The Glorious Dead is a unique blend of garage rock and punk with lyrics that explore themes of horror, sex and the supernatural. It captures the raw energy and a rebellious spirit of rock n' roll. 

The Subterranean Sea (Acoustic Set) 

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